UCR is one of the most diverse, fast-growing campuses in the UC system. Our GradEdge / JumpStart program contributes to this growth and diversity by offering incoming under-represented graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics the opportunity to get a "jump start" on their professional and academic development as part of a supportive cohort

The eight-week summer program combines developmental seminars, community building activities, research activities, and guidance in preparing a fellowship application (for the NSF GRFP or Ford Foundation). The dates of the 2019 summer program are July 8th - August 30th.  Please note that this program is offered as part of the student funding package rather than on an application basis.


  • conduct research in a lab with a faculty mentor
  • attend a weekly fellowship writing class (for more information, see question #1 in our FAQ)
  • attend a weekly quantitative methods bootcamp
  • attend a weekly developmental seminar
  • participate in a "journal club" meeting conducted by a faculty member (once or twice during the program)
  • be invited to participate in additional community building events (not mandatory)

For more information, contact:

Hillary Jenks, PhD

Director, GradSuccess

Telephone: (951) 827-6113