Standard Deadlines

Your status at the time of application will determine by when you need to apply. Please see the definitions of status below and go to the appropriate table for your deadline. As programs may set earlier deadlines for both admission and financial award consideration (fellowship); it is important you consult with the individual graduate program for verification. Once a deadline is closed, you will not be able to submit an online application for that term.

If you are not familiar when each quarter begins at UCR, please see the chart below. You will not be able to change the term you are applying to once your application is submitted.

Summer Fall Winter Spring
Starts mid-June Starts late September and sometimes early October Starts early January Starts late March and sometimes early April.


  • New Applicants and Reapplicants

    New Applicant: applying to UCR as a graduate student for the first time.

    Reapplicant: applied before and were not admitted, or were admitted and did not attend, or didn't complete one entire quarter of graduate study.

    Quarter Domestic (U.S. Citizen and U.S. Permanent Resident) International (Non-Immigrant/Visa Students)
    Summer June 1st March 1st
    Fall with Fellowship* January 5th January 5th

    Fall - Admission Only

    September 1st June 1st
    Winter November 15th September 1st
    Spring March 1st December 1st

    *Applications received after January 5th will be considered for financial support based on funding availability and if the degree objective selected is eligible for fellowship funding. Please consult with that graduate program prior to applying.

  • Re-Admits, Add a Major, and Change of Major

    If you have ever registered and completed one full quarter of attendance at UCR (whether you completed a graduate program or not) the below options are available to you.

    Add a Major: currently enrolled UCR graduate students can request to add another major with the approval of the new program and importantly their current program, (i.e., Computer Science PHD adding a Statistics MS). Please note that coursework used to obtain one degree cannot be used towards degree requirements in another degree. 

    Change of Major: currently enrolled UCR graduate students can request to change to another major with approval from the new applied program. Be aware that any financial support that you have received for your current major will not automatically apply to the new major. Please note that coursework used to obtain one degree cannot be used towards degree requirements of another degree. 

    Readmission: students who were enrolled in a graduate program for one full quarter or more and have withdrawn from the program can apply to re-admit back into that same graduate program. Readmission is not required for students returning from an official leave of absence. If you plan to use filing fee status the same quarter as readmission to the program, you must complete and submit the filing fee petition.  You will also need to indicate your intent to return on filing fee in your Statement of Purpose. 

    Quarter Deadline (All Options)
    Summer - Re-Admits Only June 1st
    Fall September 1st
    Winter November 1st
    Spring March 1st