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Graduate Advisor Definition and Expectations


The Graduate Advisor is the official contact person for the Graduate Dean in matters affecting graduate students of the Advisor's academic unit.

Graduate Advisors have a shared objective to enroll students of high potential whose interests and abilities are compatible with the graduate program and to guide student to successful completion.

There is a close working relationship between the Graduate Advisor and the Graduate Division. The Dean relies on the experience and judgement of the Graduate Advisor and upon their recommendations in matters requiring the Dean's action.

The Division staff provides information to the advisor on a continuing basis and responds to request for special assistance.

The signature of the Graduate Advisor or approval via R'Grad ordinarily is the only department signature recognized as official on the various Graduate Division forms, applications and petitions.

It is the Graduate Advisor who formally approves the student's programs of study, advises them on advancement to candidacy for higher degrees, and considers their petitions.

Graduate Division expects the Graduate Advisor to be involved with an available to all graduate students in their program.


Case Manager - The first stop for students struggling, whether they are suffering from medical, psychological, psychiatric, social, financial or academic distress. The case managers work closely with the Counseling Center, Campus Health Center, Housing Services, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, and the AVC Dean of Students office to connect students to the right resources.

Distressed Students, online training - Take this 30-minute online training simulation designed to help UCR staff and faculty identify the warning signs that a student may be in distress.

Ombuds - The UCR Office of the Ombudsperson is an independent and confidential resource for conflict resolution. The Ombudsperson serves the entire campus community - students, staff, faculty, applicants, parents, administrators - by helping to resolve complaints, by providing information and referrals, and by making recommendations for constructive change.

Student Conduct - Social Conduct reporting for all students, including graduate students. Academic Integrity for undergraduates only, graduate students academic integrity issues are processed through the Graduate Division.

Title IX & Care Office - Sexual harassment and sexual violence reporting, prevention, training and support.

Appointment of Graduate Advisors

Graduate Advisors are appointed by Program Chairs/Directors subject to the approval of Graduate Division.
The regular term of appointment is 3 years but this can be renewed by agreement of the Chair/Director and Dean of Graduate Division.
Graduate Advisors serve at the discretion of the Chair/Director and of Graduate Division and may be replaced with the agreement of both Chair/Director and Dean of Graduate Division.
In the case of disagreement between the Chair/Director and Dean or should the faculty member object, the dean of the college which is the primary home of the program will make the final decision. For inter-collegiate programs the dean of the college of the faculty member’s home department will make the final decision.