Graduate Student Employment

Titles, Salary, and Eligibility Information

A graduate student may not be employed more than 50% time (20 hours per week) in any combination of titles during the academic year.  During quarter breaks and the summer a student may work full-time. If an exception needs to be made (this is very rare), a memo must be forwarded from the graduate adviser or chair to the graduate dean prior to the appointment being made.  Full-time career employees are an exception to this rule.  Career employees are also eligible for the Employee Reduced Fee Program.  Two thirds of the University Tuition and Student Services Fee are credited. Find more information on the HR Website.

For questions regarding Graduate Student Employment, please contact Patrick Napier,

  • Title Codes

    Title Codes








    Teaching Assistant




    Teaching Fellow




    Associate In__













    UCOP salary scales can be seen at

    (Reader, Teaching Fellow, & Teaching Assistant=Tables 18; Associate = Table 19; & GSR=Table 22)


    Click here to view definition of ASE title codes
  • Eligibility Requirements
    Minimum Qualifications of All Teaching Titles 
    1. Graduate students must meet the following minimum criteria: 

    • 3.00 GPA 
    • To hold any employment titles, expect Reader and Tutor, the appointee must be a registered graduate student enrolled in 12 units
    • Fewer than 8 units of incomplete grades 
    • Advanced to candidacy within 12 quarters after entry (if a PhD candidate) 
    • Acceptable progress toward degree 
    • Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellows and Assoc In___:  Any student whose native language is not English must pass an oral English language competency exam before performing duties as a TA 
    • Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellows and Assoc In___:  No one may serve in a teaching title for more than 18 quarters (no exceptions can be made to this regulation). 

    Exceptions to the minimum qualifications may be sought by an academic program on behalf of a TA. Exceptions may be granted at the sole discretion of the Graduate Division and the graduate dean. Exceptions for employment purposes should not be confused with exceptions for registration purposes. Permission to register for courses is not the same as an employment exception. Please note: Exceptions are granted to academic programs. ASEs should not petition the Graduate Division directly for exceptions. 

  • Time Limits to Degree
    1.  Master's students 

    All students should complete their program of study in six quarters (seven quarters in the case of Botany/Plant Sciences & Earth Sciences, eight quarters for the MBA program, nine quarters for the MFA in Dance) 


    2.  Ph.D. students 

    Advancement to Candidacy - All students should take their oral qualifying exams and be advanced to candidacy within 12 quarters 

    Students Advanced to Candidacy - All students should complete their degree within the program's acceptable progress limits (normative time to degree plus one year) 

    If the student has not advanced to candidacy within 12 quarters or is beyond time limits for acceptable progress, a timetable (or timetable to exams) must be approved by the Graduate Dean. This should be submitted along with a memo from the program stating that the student is continuing to make progress toward the degree. 
  • English Language Proficiency

    Any student who was born in a country where English is not the official language (or is born in the US but indicates on their application that English is not their first language) must pass an English language competency exam before performing duties as a TA. This includes not only international students but also citizens and permanent residents.  This exam is normally the SPEAK, TSE or TOEFL iBT.