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  • How do I find out about program requirements?

    Please visit the Graduate Programs page for more information. Graduate Programs will also indicate if Writing Samples or other program requirements will need to be provided in the Additional Information section located at the bottom of the Statement of Purpose & Personal History Statement tab in the online application.

Fellowship (Funding) Questions

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International Students

  • What is the International Applicant Confidential Financial Statement?

    International applicants are required to complete the International Applicant Confidential Financial Statement section as part of the Graduate online application. This section will provide total required fees, required proof of living expense, and dependent proof of support for the 9-month academic year. Any dependent's (spouse or child) requiring an I-20 form from our office will require you to provide additional verification of support to our office. You will also be required to provide the type of sponsorship you have. 

    As fellowships are merit-based, indicating that you have a sponsor will not exclude you from consideration of a fellowship.

  • What is the International Student Sponsorship Information Form?

    The International Student Sponsorship Information Form is available in the Confidential Financial Statement section of the online application. The form contains more information regarding acceptable sponsor types and proof of support. This form and accompanying proof of support is not required during the application review process. If admitted, your offer letter will provide you with more details on these requirements.

  • How much does it cost to attend UCR?

    Total required fees and expenses are estimated at US$47,331.86 per calendar year (this figure is subject to change). This amount is for the student alone. This estimate includes $32,287.86 for fees for three quarters and $15,044.00 for basic living expenses for the nine month academic year only. All fees are subject to change without notice. Married students must verify an additional US$3,500 if accompanied by a spouse and another US$3,000 for a child; each additional dependent requires US$3,000.

    If you have applied to the MPAc, MFin, MBA (Management or Professional), or MPP, visit Financial Verification and Visa Procedures for the total verification of support required for those programs

  • When do I have to provide verification of support?

    Verification of support does not need to be provided during the initial review process of your application. If you are admitted, your offer letter will confirm if this is a requirement and provide you with further instructions.

  • What are my visa options?

    The I-20 form is issued to admitted applicants who are qualified for an F-1 (student) visa. The DS2019 form is issued to admitted applicants who are qualified for a J-1 visa. J-1 (exchange visitor) status is appropriate for students whose programs of study are substantially funded by the U.S. government, their home government, an international or nonprofit organization, or UCR.

    Questions related to your current situation (if in the US on another visa) should be directed to the International Students and Scholars Office (ISS) to determine what your best option is given your current situation.

  • How soon will I receive my I-20?

    Once your Certificate of Eligibility form is submitted, ISS will prepare your I-20 within 1-3 business days. If you have a transfer I-20, your transfer will be prepared the next business day after your confirmed release date. 

  • When can I enter the US?

    If you have an initial I-20, you can enter the U.S. 30 days prior to the start date listed on your I-20 form. Your I-20 form will list that entry date, to assist you in planning your travel arrangements.

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