International Academic Records

Required Documentation from International Institutions


International applicants are required to submit an official copy of transcripts and degree certificates (in original language accompanied by certified English translations) from each academic institution attended after secondary school. These records should be sent directly from the Registrar’s Office of the academic institutions you have attended to the academic department to which you are applying. If this service is not available, you may also request official copies and send them in the original sealed and certified institution envelopes. Official records are original documents issued by the institution which bear the actual signature of the registrar in ink and the original wet ink stamp/seal of the issuing institution. The institution envelope must also bear that institution's appropriate authenticity indicator (original wet ink stamp and/or signature, etc.) from the appropriate department at that institution to consider the provided certified transcripts and degree certificates provided by the institution as official. Notarized documents are not acceptable. Credential evaluations by WES (World Education Services) or similar credential evaluation services are also not acceptable. 

Academic records must show the dates of your enrollment, all subjects or courses, units, credits or hours, and grades in each subject. If rank is determined by the results of comprehensive examinations, records should show the examination date and your scores, rank, class, and division. All records must include a complete description of institutional grading scales or other standards of evaluation with maximum grades and minimum marks indicated. If official academic records issued by your institution do not list the courses or subjects studied in preparation for comprehensive examinations, or identify the topics on which you were examined, you should prepare one copy of course descriptions or lists of lectures, seminars, or laboratory periods attended during the academic year. Wherever possible, you should include hours per week devoted to each subject and marks earned in the subject. Such course descriptions or lists should be certified as complete and accurate by a university official or the supervisor of your studies. 

You must also submit official evidence of the conferral of all degrees, diplomas or professional titles and the date of the formal conferral (month and year). These certificates should indicate the exact name of the degree, diploma, or title as it is known in the country of origin and not in US terms. If you are applying before the end of your final year of study, send a supplementary record showing completion of all remaining coursework and evidence of the degree as soon as it is available. In the case that your institution will only provide one original degree certificate, you will need to provide a certified copy of your original degree certificate awarded to you. Follow the same guidelines as detailed above for transcripts in order for our office to accept the copy of the degree certificate as official. 

All official academic records must be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations prepared by the issuing institution. Specially prepared English versions are not acceptable in place of documents issued in the original language. If translations are not available from the institution itself, they may be prepared by government or official translators. For translations to be acceptable, they must bear the stamp or seal of the issuing institution or governmental agency and the original signature of the translator. They must be complete and exact word-for-word translations of the original documents, not interpretations. A photocopy of the original language documents (transcripts/degree certificates) used by the certified translator for the provided translations must also be included with the official translation by the certified translator. Grades must not be converted to a US scale. Records submitted for review may not be borrowed, photocopied, returned to you, or sent elsewhere. 

Required Academic Records by Country or Adopted Education System

The below information includes a break down of the documents required by country or adopted education model. If your country is not listed and you would like clarification on the required documents needed to apply, please contact the Graduate Admissions office.

  • Central and Latin America, Mexico, Portugal, Spain

    Minimum qualifications: Licenciado or professional title or degree. Records: (1) All post-secondary academic records listing courses, marks, including results of the thesis or professional exam and diplomas conferred. (2) Official diploma certificates or evidence of completion of all requirements for the degree or title. Applicants from Spain must submit a receipt showing payment of the fees required to produce the diploma certificate. (3) Records and translations must be certified by the issuing institution or by an academic or public official. 

  • Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden

    Minimum qualifications: Candidatus, Kandidaati, Civilengenior, Doctorandus (drs), Ingenior requiring four years of university work or Filosofie Kandidat or Hogskoleexamen representing at least 120 points. Records: (1) Academic records listing all subjects taken and marks for each year of study. (2) Official diploma certificates. 

  • France or French-Patterned Universities

    Minimum qualifications: Diplome or Maitrise; or the title of Ingenieur. Records: (1) Must be in French issued by the institution and accompanied by certified translations. Specially prepared English versions of French originals are not acceptable. (2) Releve de notes showing all courses/subjects and grades/marks/mentions for each subject or course for each year including rank in class if available. (3) Reussite or Diplome showing completion of all requirements for the professional title or degree and date of completion or award. 

  • Germany

    Minimum qualifications: Diplom, Magister Artium or Staatsexamen. Records: (1) must be in German and accompanied by certified translations. (2) official copies of all examination records (Vorprufung, Hauptprufung, Staatsexamen), Seminarscheine, and Diplom certificates as well as photographic copies of the Studienbuch. 

  • India

    Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree requiring four years of university study. Three-year degrees (Ordinary or Honours) are not acceptable. Records: (1) must be in original language unless institution teaches exclusively in English. (2) official copies of all individual marksheets (consolidated marksheets are not acceptable) and certified copies of degree certificate awarded. If degree was recently awarded, a provisional degree certificate is acceptable. We cannot accept Final Examination results in replacement of a degree certificate awarded (provisional or final). 

  • People's Republic of China

    Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree requiring four years of university study. Records: (1) Academic records, including a degree certificate, in Chinese accompanied by a complete English translation listing all courses and grades. Grades should not be converted to a US scale. All records and translations must bear the original red stamp or seal of the issuing institution and the signature in ink of the appropriate university official. Photocopies of the official stamp or seal are not acceptable. Records must be received directly from the Chinese institution. Records submitted by the applicant will be considered unofficial. 

  • United Kingdom and Schools Employing the British System

    Minimum qualifications: Honours Bachelor's degree with a minimum of First Class or Second Class (Upper Division). Three-year Ordinary Bachelor's degrees are not acceptable. Records: (1) Official statements from each college or university, indicating dates of attendance, program of study, courses and grades (if institutional policy permits). (2) Reports from tutors evaluating performance, and courses completed and in progress. (3) Official copies of all diploma and degree certificates issued by the university, not the college, indicating class and division.