General Duties for all Teaching Titles

The duties for Graduate students in all teaching titles are as follows:
  • To attend, to the extent required by the academic program, all meetings of the class in which s/he is doing laboratory work, section discussions, or grading of papers or exams. 
  • To consult with the professor in charge of the course as to grading policies, course content, and procedures. 
  • To attend all meetings of classes, sections, and laboratories for which s/he is personally responsible. Failure to meet regularly scheduled classes for which the TA is responsible  constitutes a dereliction of duty and may be grounds for termination of employment.  If there is a good reason for absence, the TA must inform the academic program and arrange for a substitute. 
  • To make proper and thorough preparation for each class, lab, or section for which s/he is responsible. 
  • To assign the amount of written work proper to the lab or section for which s/he is responsible, and to read and grade the written work thoroughly and as rapidly as possible. 
  • To post at least one office hour per week per section or laboratory, depending on the course, and to hold those office hours without fail. 
  • To report grades accurately and on time to the instructor in charge of the course. 
  • To give grade books to the instructor in charge at the end of his/her term of appointment. 
  • To maintain a professional attitude toward all students in his/her classes at all times. The ethical standards of behavior for faculty instructors apply equally to Teaching Assistants. Please refer to  Academic Senate; Faculty Code of Conduct
The responsibilities of a TA include: 
  • Serving as an apprentice under the active tutelage and supervision of a regular faculty member. 
  • Holding discussion sections, labs, or quiz sections under the active direction and supervision of a regular member of the faculty to whom final responsibility for the course's entire instruction, including the performance of his or her TAs, has been assigned. 


A TA is not responsible for: 
  • The instructional content of a course, for selection of student assignments. 
  • For planning of examinations, or for determining the term grade for students. 
  • For instructing the entire enrollment of a course. 
  • For providing the entire instruction of a group of students enrolled in a course. 

*The instructor in charge of an undergraduate course shall be responsible for assigning the final grade in the course.