Evolutionary Biology - Joint Program with SDSU and UCR

Contact Information

Academic Progression

  • Qualifying Examinations

    1.  Written Qualifying Exam 

    Review Paper evaluated by 4 faculty (2 UCR, 2 SDSU)

    Results submitted via r'grad (by UCR program coordinator?)

    2. Oral Qualifying Exam

    JDP FORM 2
    Student (via SDSU docusign?)

    • Fills out SDSU JDPForm2 (insert link)
    • Acquires signature of SDSU Graduate Advisor and SDSU Grad Dean 
    • Sends to UCR (Kathy VH?) 

    Graduate Program Coordinator 

    • submits form 2 in r'grad for signatures from Graduate advisor
    • attaches the SDSU JDP2 to the r'grad form
    • once form 2 is approved in r'grad, sends information to SDSU
  • Advancement to Candidacy

    JDP FORM 3

    Student (via docusign?)

    • fills out JDP Form 3

    Graduate Program Coordinator

    Graduate Academic Affairs (UCR)

    • processes advancement to candidacy
  • PhD Final Defense

    words words words

  • Dissertation Submission (UCR)

    visit UCR's Dissertation and Thesis Submission checklist

Submitting the Final Dissertation

Finalizing the Degree