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General University Requirements

The minimum requirements for Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are outlined below. Academic departments and programs may impose further requirements, described in departmental brochures and the UCR General Catalog.

Standards of Scholarship

Only courses in which grades of "A," "B," "C," or "S" are received are counted toward satisfying graduate degree requirements. To continue in good standing and obtain an advanced degree, students must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00.

In addition, all students must demonstrate acceptable progress toward their degree objectives. This entails the satisfactory completion of all course work and other degree requirements in a timely fashion.

Students are considered to be making unacceptable progress and become subject to dismissal when:

  • they have 12 or more units of "I" grades outstanding
  • the overall GPA falls below 3.00
  • the quarterly GPA falls below 3.00 for two consecutive quarters
  • they fail to take their oral qualifying exams within five years
  • they fail to fulfill program requirements such as exams or research in a timely and satisfactory manner
  • they have not completed their programs within one year after reaching the normative time
  • they fail to pass comprehensive or qualifying examinations in two attempts; or
  • they fail to make progress in research for two consecutive quarters

Language Requirement

Each program determines if knowledge of a foreign language or languages is required of students pursuing graduate degrees. Proficiency in a foreign language may be demonstrated:

  • by passing a written exam administered by the department or program; or 
  • by successfully completing a course in the language at a level specified by the program.

With the support of the program and the approval of the Graduate Dean, students may receive credit for foreign language examinations or course work completed not more than four years before entering graduate study at UCR.

Academic Evaluation and Review

An overall written evaluation of each student's academic progress must be done by the program graduate advisor at least once each academic year. This should include a brief review of the student's work to date, with particular attention to the period since the last report. This report should address academic objectives for the next period. The Graduate Division and the student should receive copies of this report.

Pursuing a Second Master's or PhD

Permission to work for a second master's degree may be approved when there is little relation in content between the two degrees. Duplication of a master's degree in a single field is not permitted, and duplication of a doctorate is rarely permitted, regardless of the field of study.

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