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Graduate Division
University Office Building
Riverside, CA 92521-0208

  • Deans

    Shaun Bowler



    Shaun Bowler


    Emma WilsonEmma Wilson
    Associate Dean, Recruitment, Retention, Student Success
    Responsibilities include graduate student recruitment and outreach, oversight of GradSuccess programs
    and graduate student funding opportunities. 



    Ertem Tuncel

    Associate Dean, Graduate Academic Affairs
    Responsibilities include petitions, employment, grievances, and academic integrity.

  • Dean’s Office

    Dean’s Office Staff
    100 University Office Building

    Kennett Lai, Assistant DeanKennett Lai        
    Chief staff officer, budget control (graduate student financial aid and departmental budget).

    Andrea Gonzales, Senior Administrative AnalystAndrea Gonzales       
    Graduate Support Management: Manages fellowship budgets and works with programs to provide financial reporting and data analysis relating to fellowships and recruiting.

    Cindy Cardenas
    , Assistant to the Dean  

    Provides executive level support to the Graduate Dean.  Coordinator of continuing student award competitions and provides administrative support to Graduate Division departments and activities.

    Maria Pimentel
    , Financial Aid OfficerMaria Pimentel
    Manages graduate student financial aid awards administered by the Graduate Division through the campus financial aid system.


    Sonia Lepe, Financial Student Aid/Employment Analystsonia lepe
    Oversees graduate student employment and fellowships.  Processes student financial awards through the campus financial system, reconciles monthly ledgers, and assists with payroll/HR as needed.


  • Graduate Admissions

    116 University Office Building

    The Graduate Admissions unit is part of the Graduate Dean’s Office within the Graduate Division.  The role of this unit is to pursue the recruitment and enrollment of qualified graduate applicants and to assist them through the application process.  This includes providing support as a liaison and point of resource to all graduate program faculty and staff, as well as providing admission counseling to prospective applicants.  The unit is also responsible for the review of graduate applications and execution of all graduate admissions offers and post admission tasks, keeping in line with the rules of the Office of the President and Graduate Council.


    Elisa Gutierrez Elisa Gutierrez
    Responsible for the management of the Graduate Admissions unit.  Provides direct support to the Graduate Dean implementing and overseeing administrative aspects relevant to graduate student recruitment, admission, and financial support offers.

    Cynthia Daviscytnhiadavis
    Student Affairs Officer
    Processes Graduate Applications with last name A-I.

    Julie Lakatos                           
    Student Affairs Officer
    Processes Graduate Applications with last name J-P.
                                                                                                                   Julie Lakatos

    Mandie Coenmandiecoen
    Student Affairs Officer
    Processes Graduate Applications with last name Q-Z.


  • Graduate Academic Affairs

    140 University Office Building

    The Academic Affairs section of the Graduate Division is the unit within the Graduate Dean’s Office that handles all matters pertaining to the academic record, employment, and fellowships of graduate students. We work closely with the Graduate Advisers and Graduate Program Assistants on problems that may arise in these areas with their graduate students, helping them to interpret the rules and regulations of the Office of the President, Academic Senate, and Graduate Council. The Division also approves all student petition, dissertation, thesis, and qualifying exam committees for the Dean, approves all advancement paperwork and all theses and dissertations. Additionally, we provide the certificate of completion of all degree requirements.

    Kara OswoodKaraO
    Responsible for timetables, appeals, and dismissals.


    Amanda AA

    Amanda Wong
    Student Affairs Officer
    Responsible for students last name A-L. 
    Specific programs: Cooperating Faculty Information, Final Degree Lists, iLearn Graduate Community, Repeatable Coursework.


    Trina ElertsTrina Elerts
    Student Affairs Officer
    Responsible for students last names M-Z. 
    Specific programs: Change Degree Objective, Commencement, Incomplete Extension, Intercampus Exchange.


    Karen SmithKarenS
    Administrative Analyst
    Oversees graduate student employment and fellowships; processes petitions for leaves, withdrawals, and ESL issues.

  • Graduate Writing Center

    122 University Office Building

    The Graduate Writing Center offers writing support and instruction to all UCR postdoctoral scholars and graduate students through programming and free writing consultations. We provide writing assistance in any academic genre during any stage of the writing process.Christina Trujillo

    Christina Trujillo
    Graduate Writing Center Coordinator


  • Postdoc Studies

    134 University Office Building

    Karen Smith
    Oversees regulations regarding postdoctoral scholars.

  • Academic Preparation and Outreach

    University Office Building

    Academic Preparation and Outreach is a vital component of the Graduate Division (and the campus as a whole) and strives to diversify and increase our graduate student population by facilitating the recruitment and retention of highly qualified students in UCR's 45 graduate programs.

    Maria Franco-Gallardo
    Conducts graduate student outreach and recruitment activities.Coordinates diversity fellowship competitions, Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program, UC LEADS and AGEP. Assists in development of special projects and grant proposals pertinent to graduate student recruitment.

    Nancy Cruz
    Administrative Coordinatornancycruz

  • GradSuccess

    141 University Office Building

    The GradSuccess office offers student services specifically tailored to suit graduate students' needs.  The office focuses on the academic and professional development of the graduate student community.  In order to provide for the emotional, financial, and cultural wellness of the graduate students, GradSuccess is also a collaborator in the Student Wellness Partners initiative on campus.  GradSuccess is comprised of the Graduate Student Resource Center, the Hillary JenksTeaching Assistant Development Program, the Graduate Writing Center, the Graduate Student Mentorship Program, and the GradPrep Student Organization.

    Hillary Jenks



  • GradQuant

    1425 Life Sciences

    GradQuant offers training for graduate students in probability and statistical inference, statistical software and computing, math for statistics, data management, and professional ethics in the management and analysis of data. The educational support ranges from remedial and introductory methods to Yelda Serinadvanced, specialized training. Graduate students can receive quantitative support via one-on-one consultations with GradQuant staff and via workshops offered by staff and outside statistical experts. GradQuant will also provide support for coursework in quantitative classes.

    Yelda Serin



  • Research Ethics Education Program

    133 University Office Building
    951-827-4312, 858-752-9585 (cell)

    The Research Ethics Education Program at the University of California, Riverside is a campus-wide resource for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty across all areas of research and scholarship. We encourage proactive approaches to research integrity and professional conduct through collaborative training and education efforts intended to increase awareness of practices that foster responsible research/scholarship and scientific integrity. The courses and seminars offered by the program are options for meeting federal funding requirements [NIH, NSF, and NIFA/USDA] for training in the responsible conduct of research (RCR).

    Dena PlemmonsDena Plemmons






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