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Academic Affairs Rules and Regulations

The Academic Affairs section of the Graduate Division is the unit within the Graduate Dean’s Office that handles all matters pertaining to the academic record, employment, and fellowships of graduate students. We work closely with the Graduate Advisers and Graduate Program Assistants on problems that may arise in these areas with their graduate students helping them to interpret the rules and regulations of the Office of the President, Academic Senate, and Graduate Council. The division also approves all student petitions, dissertation, thesis, and qualifying exam committees for the Dean, approves all advancement paperwork and all theses and dissertations. Additionally, we provide the certificate of completion of all degree requirements. If the student needs assistance in finding financial support this office provides help.

University Requirements

Learn about the scholarship standards, the guidelines for academic evaluation and review and language requirements.

General Registration and Enrollment Regulations

This section contains information about:

  • Change Degree Objective
  • Filing Fee Status
  • Leave of Absence
  • In Absentia Registration
  • Withdrawal
  • Enrollment
  • Half-Time Status and Reduced Fees
  • Transfer of Credit
  • Exams
  • Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) Grading
  • Repeating Courses
  • Readmission

Master's Degree Regulations and Requirements

This section outlines the minimum requirements for a UCR Master's degree including credit by exam, thesis plan, comps plan, units required, etc.

Doctoral Degree Requirements and Committees 

This section covers information on qualifying exam committees and dissertation committees,

Academic Integrity and Misconduct

Learn about the regulations passed by the Academic Senate in June, 2012 on academic integrity and misconduct. Also included is information on how to file charges against a student for misconduct and the students rights with regard to that. To file charges of a violation of academic integrity use the Graduate Academic Integrity Violation Form and file it with the Graduate Division (NOT the Office of Student Conduct). Learn more about Academic Integrity here.

Dispute Resolution

What to do and who to see if you have a dispute regarding employment, appeal of grades, etc. 

Appeal Procedures

On March 19, 2013, the Graduate Council approved new appeal procedures. The purpose of these procedures is to afford UCR graduate students an opportunity to resolve complaints involving academic or administrative decisions that interfere with the graduate student’s academic progress, such as adverse outcomes on qualifying exams, dismissal from graduate standing, placement on probationary status, denial of readmission to the same program (if the student was previously in good standing), disputes over joint authorship of research in accordance with joint authorship policies of campus departments or units, revocation of campus fellowships, and other administrative or academic decisions that terminate or otherwise impede progress toward academic or professional degree goals.  The Departmental Appeal Procedures apply to all departments and should be used first.  Once those have been exhausted the University Appeal Procedures should be followed. To petition the Graduate Appeal Formshould be completed.  A simplified version of these procedures for the student and a FAQ  is available.

Intercampus Exchange Program

The Intercampus Exchange Program (ICE) allows students to study for up to three courses at another campus of the University of California. To be eligible, students must be in good standing with at least one quarter in residence at UCR and must demonstrate at least one of the following: The need to take a course or courses not offered at UCR, the need to study with a particular individual, or the need for continuous access to library holdings or other facilities not available at UCR.

Graduate Community on iLearn

All UCR graduate students, graduate advisers, and graduate student support staff have been enrolled in this course.  The main purpose of the community is to post information and opportunities of interest to all graduate students.  If for some reason you are not receiving the iLearn notifications, please contact Amanda Wong at

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