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Financial Verification and Visa Procedures

International applicants are required to complete an International Student Confidential Financial Statement as part of the Graduate application. Applicants will be able to fill this form out on their application.

U.S. immigration law requires that international applicants, if admitted, show documented evidence that sufficient funds to cover all fees, transportation, and living expenses are available for the first year of their study at UCR and that a sponsor is committed to their financial support beyond this date. This must be proved before a Certificate of Eligibility (I-20 or DS2019) for a visa can be issued.

The I-20 form is issued to admitted applicants who are qualified, for an F-1 (student) visa. The DS2019 form is issued to admitted applicants who are qualified for a J-1 visa. J-1 (exchange visitor) status is appropriate for students whose programs of study are substantially funded by the U.S. government, their home government, an international or nonprofit organization, or UCR.

Total required fees and expenses are estimated at US$47,384.69** per calendar year (this figure is subject to change). This amount is for the student alone. This estimate includes $32,340.69 for fees for three quarters and $15,044.00 for basic living expenses for the nine month academic year only. Married students must verify an additional US$3,500 if accompanied by a spouse and another US$3,000 for a child; each additional dependent requires US$3,000. Opportunities for university financial assistance are limited. The University will NOT issue a certificate of eligibility (Form I-20 or DS2019) unless you provide evidence of your ability to pay all required fees and expenses for the duration of your program. In some cases, American embassies and consulates will not grant you a student visa unless you can provide proof of adequate funding for the entire stay.

Unless you have been officially notified in writing of an award from the Dean of the Graduate Division, you should not expect any financial support from UCR. Teaching and research assistantships, fellowships and stipends, as well as tuition fellowships, are not guaranteed for the full academic year or for subsequent years of study unless stated in writing.

A student on a student visa cannot accept off-campus employment at any time during the first year in the U.S. Spouses of F-1 visa holders (F-2) are not allowed to work under any circumstances.

MBA applicants must provide verification in the amount of US$70,975.69 in support (this amount includes an additional professional fee of US$26,448.00 for the Management MBA Program only). FLEX MBA applicants must provide verification in the amount of US$68,252.19. MPAc applicants must provide verification in the amount of US$74,192.19. MFIN applicants must provide verification in the amount of US$79,472.19.

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