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Policies Governing Award Recipients

How to Keep Your Award

There are many policies and guidelines governing students who receive funding awards. Those who receive these awards must maintain satisfactory progress and meet all requirements for their individual awards.

Maintaining Satisfactory Progress

To ensure continued funding of their awards, students must ensure that they continue with satisfactory progress towards their degree. These requirements include:

  • Maintaining the minimum grade point average required by the fellowship
  • Taking and passing all required coursework, exams, etc.
  • Fulfilling all TA requirements satisfactorily
  • TA recipients awarded fellowships must also meet fellowship GPA requirements (normally exceed TA requirement)

Requirements for Students Receiving Multi-Year Awards

Students receiving multi-year awards also have specific requirements. These awards are contingent upon:

  • Meeting academic standards
  • Completing the term(s) in which fellowship funding is received
  • Reporting requirements
  • Maintaining required course load
  • Fulfilling advancement to candidacy requirements
  • Not exceeding maximum (8 units) incomplete, "F" and/or NC grades
  • Reporting any change in status immediately. Any change in degree objective, change of field/department/program, leave of absence, extended absence from class or withdrawal may affect funding and must be reported to the Graduate Division/Graduate School immediately.
  • Reporting fellowship awards when filing taxes

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