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  • Through an NSF Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM [CCE-STEM] grant, awarded to the Dean of the Graduate Division, the University of California, Riverside is introducing a new campus initiative -- Institutional Re-engineering of Ethical Discourse in STEM, or iREDS -- for the cultivation of ethical climates and practices in STEM research, using a novel online communications platform combined with project-based training designed to be compatible with that platform. You can read more about the grant here:


  • NEW!!  Through the National Academy of Engineering and the Center for Engineering Ethics and Society (CEES), Drs. Princevac, Sundar, and Tam of the Bournes College of Engineering, along with Dr. Plemmons of the Research Ethics Education Program, successfully submitted a competitive application to participate in a workshop on Overcoming Challenges for Infusing Ethics into the Development of Engineers. The workshop is designed for faculty members who are actively working on strategies and plans for overcoming challenges to incorporating ethics into the curriculum and culture of engineering education, who are best able to contribute to and benefit from the workshop, and who will be able to effect broader institutional change.
  • You can find the proceedings of that workshop here:


The Director of REEP works with faculty across campus who are interested in applying for grants or taking advantage of other opportunities which call for ethical engagement with practice or research.

Please contact the Director if you would be interested in working with the Research Ethics Education Program to take advantage of any opportunities.


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