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Glossary of Financial Aid Programs

There are several different kinds of financial support offered to graduate students by UC Riverside.

These merit-based stipends (plus fees) provide funds for books, supplies and the cost of living. They can be single-year or multi-year appointments and will likely include teaching assistant or graduate student researcher duties.

Teaching Assistantship
These salaried positions require attending professor’s class, preparing discussion section, grading, reading and otherwise assisting faculty member with course instruction.

Graduate Student Researcher
These positions are usually in a laboratory environment where you learn research/technical skills while assisting a faculty member on his/her research project and eventually conduct your own project.

Associate In _
Provides an opportunity for more advanced graduate students to teach a course.

Grants to institutions that support various numbers of students in discipline-specific fields.

Loans are need-based support, formulated on student’s income rather than that of parents. Graduate students are eligible for Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, available through Financial Aid Offices.

These provide practical experience, usually relevant to student’s research interest, during a summer or academic year. They may be furnished by the student’s home campus or an outside institution or agency such as government or private industry.

Fee Fellowships
Usually provides fees and tuition for one year or multiple years.
Fee differential may be provided when student employed.

Dissertation Fellowships
These stipends can play a major role in promoting the completion of the dissertation/degree as it allows the student to focus on the project. Applicants must be ABD (All But Dissertation), students who have completed all the coursework and comprehensive examinations for a Ph.D., but have not completed the dissertation. They are selected by a committee and a dissertation proposal must be created. Degree completion usually required by end of academic year but may be extended to include summer and/or fall quarter

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