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Glossary of Financial Aid Related Terms

If you are unfamiliar with terms used in conjunction with financial aid here at UC Riverside, this glossary of terms can help.

Acceptable Progress
Demonstrating good academic standing and overall performance in program requirements, based on an approved graduate program time frame.

Advancement to Candidacy
After completing all university and graduate program requirements, student must pass a series of written and oral qualifying examinations.

Final requirement for dissertation and the final oral examination on doctoral candidate’s dissertation.

Dissertation Prospectus
A statement of the dissertation topic, how the research will be conducted, what it will entail and what it will accomplish.

Financial Aid Transcript
A listing of all financial aid the student has received while attending a particular institution

Need Analysis
The process of determining the estimated income student will need to successfully progress through degree (usually required annually).

Normative Time
This is the approximate amount of time in which a student should go from graduate admission to filing the dissertation.

Teaching Fellow
An advanced graduate student teaching a lower division course to a group of students, under faculty supervision.

Terminal Master's

The highest degree offered in a given graduate program.

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