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Welcome from Dean Shaun Bowler

Welcome from the Graduate Dean

Welcome to UCR’s Graduate Division.

On these pages you will find links to the programs and opportunities hosted by Graduate Division.  
UCR’s commitment to our students is seen in programs such as Grad Success, which provides professional development opportunities for all students at the post-graduate level. You will see, for example, programs aimed at helping to improve teaching skills and other programs to help with writing skills.

This commitment to the professional development of our students is seen in our faculty, too. UC Riverside has always been known for the quality of its teaching and the accessibility of its faculty.  The campus prides itself on the close collegial relations between graduate students and their mentors.

UCR's faculty strive to provide our graduate students with the basic academic training and to instruct them in the best professional practices in order to equip them in every way for success in their careers.

In the past few years, UC Riverside has hired many new, outstanding faculty, increased the number and size of the graduate programs, established new programs, and invested in new research.  While continuing to emphasize our already world-renowned programs, we are also working innovatively across disciplinary boundaries.  UCR's programs are well known for the quality of research and their creativity and innovative approaches to their subject matter.

Whatever your chosen discipline, UC Riverside is an exciting and intellectually stimulating place to be.  And, as the most diverse campus in the UC system, it has a deserved reputation for being open and welcoming as we prepare our students for the global 21st century.

Shaun Bowler

Dean of the Graduate Division

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