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Letter from Dean Joseph Childers

Greetings from the Graduate Dean

Choosing a graduate school is one of the most important career decisions you can make. Not only should the institution you select fit your educational needs and goals, it should have a strong reputation and a tradition of academic excellence as well. Also important is the university's plan for the future: where it will be when you complete your degree, and where it will be when you are ready to recommend graduate schools to students of your own. As you ponder these factors, keep in mind the University of California, Riverside. Not only is UCR celebrated for its world-class faculty, the breadth and variety of its research, and the high caliber of instruction, it is also as the fastest growing campus in the University of California system. UCR is the face of the future of the University of California. In the past few years UC Riverside has hired hundreds of new, outstanding faculty, we have increased the number and size of our graduate programs; we have established new programs, and invested in new research strengths.

While continuing to emphasize core disciplines, we are also working productively and innovatively across disciplinary boundaries. Growth also means an expanding infrastructure-from the arts to engineering. Across campus a number of new buildings have been recently completed, others will soon be finished, and still others are scheduled for construction in the near future. As a result, UCR's facilities are state-of-the-art and extraordinarily conducive to fruitful and dynamic research. Many of our programs are world-renowned and others are becoming increasingly well known for the quality of their research as well as for their creativity and innovative approaches to their subject matter. In 2012, UC Riverside will welcome the inaugural class to its new School of Medicine, the first new state medical school in California in more than four decades. Whatever your discipline, UC Riverside is an exciting and intellectually stimulating place to be. And, as the most ethnically diverse campus in the UC system, it is has a deserved reputation for being open and welcoming.

UC, Riverside has always been known for the quality of its teaching and the accessibility of its faculty; the campus prides itself on the close collegial relations between graduate students and their mentors. UCR's faculty strive to provide our graduate students with the best academic training and to instruct them in best professional practices in order to equip them in every way for success in their careers.

While investigating your graduate school choices, why not plan a visit to UC Riverside to meet with faculty and students in your prospective department, school, or program? I am sure you will find that our distinguished researchers and teachers will make themselves available to you and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Also, you will have an opportunity to observe the close, supportive graduate community that flourishes at UCR.

I eagerly anticipate receiving your application. I hope I will also have the opportunity to invite you to join us as a graduate student at UCR and to participate in shaping the future.

Joseph W. Childers

Dean of the Graduate Division

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